[Youfa Steel Trade Quotes Week of steel ] Experts say the market

Time: 2019-03-15

This week (2019.03.11-03.15) domestic steel market prices may fluctuate and run stronger.

TangSong: Recent market concerns: 1. The environmental protection of the rolling mills in Tangshan area is mostly stopped. The news of the resumption of production is not clear yet. At present, the manufacturers offer strong prices, giving prices a certain support, and paying close attention to the resumption of production in the later period. 2. Last week, the hot coil and the thread were all reduced, and the market demand was gradually released slowly, but it still took time to concentrate the rapid release. 3. The snails fluctuate widely, and the market is temporarily in the adjustment period. The spot merchants are cautious in purchasing and shipping, and they still need to pay attention to the dynamics of the period. Based on the above, it is expected that this week (2019.03.11-03.15) steel market will be oscillated and operated.

Han Weidong, Deputy general manager of Youfa Group: Last Friday, due to the real estate tax news of the two sessions and the downgrade of the ratings of the two major companies, the stock market crashed and black futures fell. In fact, the property tax is a future event and will not be levied in two years. It has nothing to do with the steel market this year. The main keynote of this year is that the limited production of environmental protection has affected the supply. The inventory is not as high as expected. It was opened and lowered last week, and the demand is much earlier than last year. Compared with the same period last year, it is far more than expected! In January-February, it was over 40% more than the same period last year, and more than 75% since March! We have prepared the largest inventory in history, but it has dropped more than 200,000 tons... So, the focus is not on the risk of falling prices, but on the opportunity of the peak season, the purchase is to buy, the sale is to sell, don’t let it down. Beautiful spring!

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