Quality integrity, shine in China

Time: 2019-03-20
In the fierce market competition, quality is the passport for enterprise development, and it is also the extension of corporate brand dignity. Only the excellent product quality can truly win the hearts of users.
     This year's March 15th is the 36th International Consumer Rights Day. The theme of this year is "Credit makes consumption more secure." As a 10 million-ton enterprise in the steel pipe industry, Tianjin Youfa Steel Pipe Group has attached great importance to product quality since its establishment, and has built a quality credit system as an important driving force for the advancement of enterprises.
     Four quality revolutions, the products are constantly iteratively upgraded, only to allow users to use the Friends of the steel pipe more peace of mind, rest assured.
     Do not let a problem steel pipe into the market, this is a solemn commitment of friends to users.
     Youfa steel pipe, fake one lost ten. We are willing to put our products under the spotlight of our customers for quality supervision, because your supervision and expectation are the driving force for us to go forward.
     The Great Wall of the development of casting quality, the development of the enterprise for a hundred years.
     On the way to pursuing the development of excellent quality, we are moving fast.
     With the mission of “Beyond Self, Achievement Partners, One Hundred Years of Friendship, and Building Harmony”, we always adhere to the core values ​​of “win-win and mutual benefit, self-improvement and morality first”, and carry forward the friendship of “self-discipline, cooperation and progress”. Spirit, in the future development, hand in hand, go forward, and make unremitting efforts to build Youfa Steel Pipe into a respected and happy enterprise!
     Youfa steel pipe, circulation in the world, propped up the world!


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