Han Weidong, deputy general manager of Youfa Steel Group, attended the seminar on the trend of steel market in Qingdao area 2019

Time: 2019-03-30
In the keynote speech of the seminar, Han Weidong, deputy general manager of Tianjin Youfa Steel Pipe Group, shared his understanding of the steel industry in 2019 with the current macroeconomic situation and new changes in the steel market. In his view, the current investment has bottomed out, the steady growth of the real estate industry, coupled with large-scale tax reductions and fee reductions will promote economic growth, which in turn will help the steel industry to recover.
      However, he also stressed that the current steel industry is still overcapacity. With the normalization of environmental protection, the cost threshold of the entire industry has been greatly enhanced, and enterprises are facing no small challenges in the development process. However, as demand is initiated ahead of schedule and incrementally objective, the steel market in 2019 is worth looking forward to. He said that the current market will show a volatile upswing, and in the future there may be a choice to break through the rise. Therefore, the majority of market participants must be prepared to seize the opportunity ahead of time.
In the past 20 years, Youfa has been following the values of mutual benefit, cooperation and mutual benefit, and the cooperation philosophy of first friends and friends. It is strict to ask for self-improvement in two quantities: on the one hand, in terms of production volume, Youfa 4 The large base has more than 160 production lines of various categories, with a daily output of 38,000 tons. The Group has a standing stock of 500,000 tons. It guarantees complete specifications of various categories, continuous supply, reduced production costs, financial costs, and enhanced industry competitiveness. In terms of strict quality control. Quality is the guarantee for the survival of enterprises. Youfa has the most advanced production equipment. Through the implementation of lean management and four quality revolutions, Youfa has reduced the defective rate of products to one hundred thousand, truly making the products quality guaranteed. Good steel pipe.

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